Volhynia massacre

The ethnic cleansing, which was planned and carried out by Ukrainian nationalist forces, resulted in the death of 35,000 to 60,000 Polish inhabitants of Volhynia. The news of the murders in Volhynia reached Eastern Galicia and the Lublin region in the summer of 1943 when the tens of thousands of refugees reached those regions...- writes Grzegorz Hryciuk

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Homosexuality is exploding among U.S. teens. Ditto for younger adults. Over the last decade, the relative proportion of U.S. teenagers claiming to be homosexual has increased 85 percent and those claiming interest only in the opposite sex has dropped 6 percent - write Paul & Kirk Cameron

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Europe's first constitution

The 3 May Constitution is universally acknowledged as a revolutionary document in the political history of the world. It was the second written constitution in the world and—just like the American Constitution—it represented an important milestone in the development of democratic ideals in the western world. At the end of the eighteenth century, America and Poland became the only two democratic countries in the world of absolute monarchies - writes Marek Żebrowski

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Dr. Chodakiewciz's unprecedented, long-overdue impeccably researched and extraordinarily well-argued study directly challenges the common view of the Intermarium as mere borderland between the "West" and Russia..." -Dr. Robert W. Stephan Adjunct Professor Institute of World Politics

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Barbarians inside the walls

We are talking about a country where, after the murder by a street terrorist of a soldier in uniform, the soldiers were told not to wear uniforms outside the garrisons. A country where the media carefully hide information about acts of violence in migrant communities such as the punishment of women for “indecent” dress - writes Rafał Ziemkiewicz

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New Law Defends Poland’s Honor During World War II

The lived history of the Polish people, as well as the history of past centuries, is exceedingly complex and filled with much sacrifice and suffering - writes John Hittinger, a professor in the Center for Thomistic Studies at the University of St Thomas, author of «Liberty, Wisdom & Grace: Thomism & Democratic Political Theory

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Great Britan, Union Jack

Polish Ideal

I judged the Poles by their enemies. And I found it was an almost unfailing truth that their enemies were the enemies of magnanimity and manhood. If a man loved slavery, if he loved usury, if he loved terrorism and all the trampled mire of materialistic politics, I have always found that he added to these affections... - we recall classical text of G.K.CHESTERTON about Poland

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Matt Damon is Jason Bourne

Poland as Jason Bourne

When in 1989 Poland slowly regained consciousness, it was thought that Poland did not have to remember who it was. Patriotism rhymed with chauvinism, community with xenophobia. It could not succeed - writes Dariusz Karłowicz

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