Reflection on the Sacred Triduum

In these days of Holy Week, the liturgy very forcefully underscores the opposition between light and darkness, between life and death, but it leaves us in no doubt as to the final outcome: the glory of the risen Christ. Tomorrow the solemn celebration "in Cena Domini" will lead us into the Sacred Triduum, which offers the central events of salvation history for the reflection of all believers - Saint John Paul II

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Protecting magnificent component of life

Is sex scandal, prompted by Weinstein affair and #metoo action that followed it, a unique opportunity to present to feminists a Catholic morality? A morality, we might add, which is the best remedy for the phenomena they want to fight with. Today, we recall fragments of very actual and prophetic Leopold Tyrmand’s writings.

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Crisis of the fifth season

Unfortunately in modern times faith has been pushed into the private sphere - religion is no longer supported by any of the strong institutions of our lives. We do not wake up in panic when we overslept on a Sunday mass, but yes, we have a cold sweat on the forehead when the corporate clock is 9.05, and we're stucked in a traffic jam - writes Tomasz Rowiński

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SAPs and the Rest

SAP’s and the Rest

And what if we collide with those SAPs who will attack us with slander and contempt? And many SAPs can do so without distinction and measure (for example, these Frlijć "religious and nationalism scraps", which include all religious attitudes and all forms of national bond). But one thing is for sure: you must never fight them with their weapons - slander, contempt, aggression. The gospel is clear in this case – writes Maciej Zieba OP

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