Bogusław Wolniewicz

Prof. Bogusław Wolniewicz - Polish philosopher, logician, professor of humanities

One uses indirect description like “immigrants” , “asylum seekers”, “refugees”. This is all camouflage, they are not refugees, not immigrants . They are invaders. An invasion is underway, the invasion of Europe. They say refugees. But why Europe? If they are fleeing from Somali or from Niger, or from Tsad - writes Prof. B.Wolniewicz

... why don’t they go to another African country, but only to Europe?  Why? This question is not even raised – to conceal the fact that what is going on is an invasion, an act of aggression.  And invasion means war.  Europe and the West are in the state of war with another civilization. That is the first point. And the second is this: the ideologists of multi-culti promise us that we will benefit from it, that the more aliens will come the better for us. It prevents us from seeing the situation in its gravity; to see what is really happening. Two thousand three hundred have come one day, another three thousand next day; and so on. This ideology makes us blind. For if you see that you are at war, you have got to identify the enemy. By whom we are being attacked.  Presently the invaders are the nations of Africa and Asia. (… )All this crowd pushes towards Europe, it is new migration of nations, like that of thousand and seven hundred years ago, in the IV century, which destroyed the Roman Empire. German tribes living then not in western Europe like now, but on the shores of Black Sea – they were refugees too. They were escaping under  pressure of the Huns and fleeing to the West.  And already culturally rotten by then, had no strength to oppose them and empire had been overrun by them. They destroyed e.g. aqueducts of Rome, its grand waterworks – for the Romans had excellent waterworks – and it took more than a thousand years to restore them. And now we have similar situation: a migration of nations. It is invasion of culturally alien nations upon western civilization, nations of Asia and Africa. And the banner of that invasion is Islam. And again there is fear to say it, to pronounce it loudly. E.g. there will be great indignation about what I have just said. But I do say it for I am a free man, living in a free country and I am not afraid to say that under banner of Islam an invasion of Europe is under way.  That is the third point which opinion makers are afraid to describe properly.  And multi-culti  prevents us from seeing that situation in its gravity, it prevents us from seeing this complex issue in the right perspective.  And additionally, we should ask what type of tactics our enemy is implementing? A double one: immigration – from above, terror – from below. From above 2300 daily to Sicyly, from below the butchery in the “Charlie Hebdo” office – one amplifying the other.  This is war but waged by modern methods: a war of the XXI century. Alle the armaments of the Americans, the aircraft – carriers and tanks, and all the other hardware like rockets and drones – all these gadgets are of no use against that new tactics. So these are the three points the multi-culti craze prevents us from seeing: (i) that invasion is underway, (ii) that invaders are Islam believers and (iii) that new type of war tactics is used.  How come we are so helpless? Again, however, I can see three forces at work fostering that influx, that invasion.  The first force is capital – getting cheap labour. Capital is a huge force, blind to anything except profit. It is ready to destroy everything for it, including itself (…). Greed is behind profit. We want cheap goods and services. “Outsourcing”, deindustrialization of our countries  and importing cheap labour  is partly result of it. Why do we import cheap workers? It is said that they are willing to do what we ourselves are not. A Negro from Niger will do what a Frenchman would not, e.g taking care of the geezers in old – people homes  (which is no fun at all), waste removal, cleaning, washing etc. Why not? Because we are not willing to pay for that work as much as it is worth. Why are the French or Polish unwilling to take up those duties? Because they are not paid adequately (…). We prefer to exploit semi slave labour – the same greed which brought the black slaves to Northern America and created for America a problem which Americans can’t resolve till nowadays.  And we have created for ourselves the same problem by our own efforts. Helmud Schmidt, was a Chancellor of Germany in the 70ties when the greatest wave of invasion started through huge influx of Turks. Now there are 3 millions of Turks  in Germany and the Germans do not know how to deal with them cause Turks have started introducing their own Islamic customs the moment they realized their own strength.  A few years ago Helmud Schmidt was asked what he thinks now of the immigration policy he implemented in 70ties. He answered “It was mistake”. Just on time…So that is the first cause of multi – culti: it serves the interest of the capital and all of those who gain thanks to cheap labour. It is shortsighted, of course, but for the time being very convenient. So that is the first force. The second force behind the support for multi-culti ideology is the Left which fights with all “prejudice”, “discrimination”, “exclusion”  and promotes “uniting all of mankind” and “universal fraternity”.  Why should not we allow Negros or Afghans, Somalis or Kenyans to come to Warsaw? They are welcomed! Everyone must be mixed up and equalized. They argue that barriers between nations should be abolished or even that nations should be liquidated! All nation members should be mixed up into one united mankind. This ideology is great malady of Western civilization and its name is Leftism. So that is the second force. But there is yet another force which I want to mention about.  And I want to mention about this force especially, because nobody, or almost nobody,  dares to do it. This force are Jews. They have come to an opinion that multi-culti ideology serves their interests. That thanks to this ideology and masses of non-white immigrants they will be able to protect their tribal integrity more efficiently. That it will bring them more safety, so to say. That in such culturally mixed up society their distinctness will be invisible. Naturally, it has political implications as Jews, in general, support Left and leftish cultural trends. In such a society there are no “others”, no “aliens” – everyone ought to be treated equally, whether Muslim, Kenyan or Somali. Hence the Jew too or even most of all Jew (…)

Source: This is fragment of Professor’s lecture/interview given to youtube channel