America Needs a True Family-First Movement

Last week, I wrote about the formulaic demise of Taylor Swift. Once a picture of feminine potential, she’s now little more than a piece of meat chewed up and spat out by the legal sex cartel that is show business...- writes Karolina Provokatsiya

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The Theory and Practice of Solidarity

Pope John Paul II's analisis of economic life in Centesimus Annus revolves around three themes. First, he offers a criticism of "unbridled capitalism" based on its historical symptoms. Next, he criticizes negative contemporary manifestations of the market economy...-writes fr. Maciej Zięba OP

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Monk and the market

Not so long ago, I was sharply criticized by a priest during a public debate. “Isn’t it paradoxical,” he said, “that a member of a begging order promotes free enterprise in his writing and speech? What is more, that he is a confrere of Saint Thomas of Aquinas, who was so critical with regard to economics?” I tried to refute the first charge with the help of logic: “Before I start to beg, I must do my best to win over the person, whom I may then ask for alms.” - writes Maciej Zięba OP

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