Wolniewicz and Christianity

"The attitude of Bogusław Wolniewicz (1927–2017) to Christianity was shaped by a long life process, starting from baptism. From the 1940s, a faith crisis took place however: in Wolniewicz's soul faith derrived form home, collided with the data of the intellect and with the new Marxist faith - wrties dr hab Paweł Okołowski

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Warsaw Uprising

He Came and Won

The duty of “fighting” is a paradigm equal to independence in Lech Kaczynski’s legacy. Interesting how much Poles “bought it” and how that encouraged them to the insurgent sentiments. On the occasion of recollecting the success of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, one anecdote comes up. At the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Uprising... - writes Piotr Zaremba

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Is Poland a country without philosophers?

Poland is a country without philosophers – as the regularly disappointed with their nation so called “experts on Polishness” say, staring jealously at western Europe - writes Jan Maciejewski

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80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II

We highly recommend a lot of good reading about Polish history in latest initiative of Polish National Foundation and Institute of New Media "www.1939.eu - we tell the story of Poland". In particular, we recommend the article of prof. Wojciech Roszkowski "September 1939 and the consequences for Poland" . 

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History as an apology for Totalitarianism

The uses and abuses of history are many. Most of them stem from the search for power rather than the truth. In a post-totalitarian country, the misremembered past may be used both against the previous regime and in its defense. From the perspective of “pure scholarship”... - writes Prof. A.Nowak

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Martyred Freedom Fighter

2019 will mark the 30th anniversary of communism’s collapse in Poland and Eastern Europe. It will also mark 35 years since the murder of Father Jerzy Popiełuszko. I was safe in California when the communist secret police killed my former vicar in Poland in October 1984 - writes prof. M. J. Chodakiewicz

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Remember. August 23

On 23 August, on the anniversary of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Totalitarian Regimes is observed. It was on that day in 1939 that an agreement between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union...

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Warsaw Rising 1944

We must acknowledge that we - in 2018 - have an objectivity and sense of perspective that those making the decision in 1944 simply did not and could not enjoy - says ROGER MOORHOUSE

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An “anti-Semite” who saved Jews

During the war, Zofia Kossak-Szczucka saved hundreds of Jews, and after it ended refused to accept recognition of her literary achievements from the communist authorities. “I am a Catholic writer,” she proudly exclaimed -writes Ewa Polak Pałkiewicz

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Forgotten Righteous

Among Poles saving Jews, the most frequently mentioned are people honored with the title of the Righteous Among the Nations: the Ulma family, Jan Karski, Irena Sendler or Henryk Sławik. Few people know about other heroes - diplomats of the Polish Legation in Berne, Switzerland, who in 1940-45 saved the lives of several hundred Jews - writes Janusz Uszyński

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