80th anniversary of Katyń massacre & 10th of Smoleńsk air crash

Katyn is a symbol of the criminal policy of the Soviet system against the Polish nation. The present study aims to demonstrate the basic facts of Katyn massacre – the execution of almost 22,000 people...

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Russia and Israel pact

Polish President Andrzej Duda announced at the beginning of January that he would not take part in the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviet Army. The organizers of the commemorations, held on 23 January at the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem, denied Duda the possibility of speaking at the event, while leaders representing Russia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States would be able to do so - writes Rafał Ziemkiewicz

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So as long as Poland exists, freedom of speech will not perish!

President Kaczynski was a symbol of the emerging Polish nation, and his death on that critical occasion, at the very moment when he was travelling to pay homage to the victims of the Katyn massacre, was one of the most heart-rending moments...-writes Sir Roger Scruton

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Communist crimes

Communist Crimes is an attempt to describe and categorize crimes committed by Communist authorities all over the world in the 20th century. The book is based on a plethora of sources, including hearings before the US House of Representatives Select Committee on Communist Aggression in the early 1950s - writes prof. Wojciech Roszkowski

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In defence of the Republic – Polish Territorial Defence Forces

“The conditions of modern war require that all men capable of carrying weapons should take part in it, and because preparation for this service requires a long educational period, military ethics are not only valid for a soldier of permanent service but for all men in general. In other words, the profession of a soldier should be the second occupation of every man.” - Józef I.M. Bocheński OP

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The observation is often made that political conservatives do not have anything much to say about the arts, either believing, with the libertarians, that in this matter people should be free to do as they please, or else fearing, like the traditionalists, that a policy for the arts will always be captured by the Left and turned into an assault on our inherited values - writes sir Roger Scruton

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In November 1918, after 123 years of absence on European political maps, Poland regained its independence. This was mainly due to the perseverance and dedication of the active part of Polish society, who, during the period of servitude, passed down their allegiance to the language and national culture to new generations of young Poles.

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Destroying the elites

The first mass killings took place already in September 1939, and were carried out by special SS and police units. Known as Einsatzgruppen, these detachments operated in the rear of the German Army. After their dissolution, which took place towards the end of November 1939, the task was taken over by the standing police force.

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Battle of Warsaw 1920

"Had Piłsudski and Weygand failed to arrest the triumphant advance of the Soviet Army at the Battle of Warsaw, not only would Christianity have experienced a dangerous reverse, but the very existence of western civilization would have been imperiled. It was one of the most decisive battle of all time" - Viscount Edgar V. D'Abernon

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550th anniversary of Polish parliamentarism

History of the oldest "two-chamber" general Sejm begun in1468 in Piotrków. It was convened in 1468 by king Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk (Casimir Jagiellon). It was preceded by the meetings of King Casimir with the dignitaries and nobility in the provincial assemblies of Małopolska...

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