Fear is dangerous. And it is infectious

We know too little about Covid-19. We do not know its true case mortality because of the uncertainties about the total number infected. We do not know how many of those who have died would have died anyway — possibly a bit later — from other underlying conditions (“comorbidities”, in doctor-speak) - writes Lord Jonathan Sumption

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Substantive and accidental critiques of democracy

Introducing a distinction between two types of critique of democracy, we are obliged to explain how we understand their meaning. Hence, by the substantive critique...-writes Prof. J. Bartyzel

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What is wrong with the Swedes?

Another in the unending list of suicidal behavior by Swedes, this one by Cecilia Wilkström, a Member of the European Parliament for the center-right (!) Liberal Party, who is concerned about the recent drownings in the Mediterranean of Africans attempting to invade Europe - writes prof. K. Macdonald

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Fruits of the multi – culti poison

One uses indirect description like “immigrants” , “asylum seekers”, “refugees”. This is all camouflage, they are not refugees, not immigrants . They are invaders. An invasion is underway, the invasion of Europe. They say refugees. But why Europe? If they are fleeing from Somali or from Niger, or from Tsad - writes Prof. B.Wolniewicz

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Joseph Conrad: A Pole with doubts

Paradoxically, one might say that Conrad is more Polish today than when he was alive. Which makes him a better Pole too - writes Krzysztof Masłoń

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Zbigniew Herbert's year in Poland

Poet, essayist, author of plays and radio dramas, born in 1924, died in 1998. He was a writer of great accomplishment and an exceptional artistic and moral authority whose biography was tragically enmeshed in the history of the twentieth century.

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Enchanted Corto

131 years ago, on 10 July 1887, Corto Maltese was born. He was the protagonist of a series of comic books created by an Italian draughtsman Hugo Pratt. Can we celebrate the birthday of a comic book character? Of course we can, if it is an exceptional character, a symbol of 1970s Western pop-culture on a par with the photographs of Helmuth Newton or the creations of Yves Saint-Laurent. Hugo Pratt’s epic work has been translated into dozens of languages...-writes Piotr Semka

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March 1968 - The Anti-Semitic Face of Communism

The events of March 1968 in Polish Peoples’ Republic unfolded against the backdrop of Soviet foreign policy objectives, its successes, and its failures. In June 1967 Israel – a U.S. ally – defeated Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq in what is known as the Six-Day War. Moscow, humiliated by the defeat of its client states...

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Cursed Soldiers on the public squere

When the economic and social crisis came, the hard struggle for selfish interests returned, and all nations began to discuss their own past again. Our present identity is constituted by the experience of the 20th century, that is resistance to two totalitarianisms - says Jan Ołdakowski in the interview explaining phenomena of Cursed Soldiers in contemporary Poland.

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