Film „Boże Ciało” Jana Komasy

Należy zaznaczyć, że każdy z nas, katolików, który miał w trakcie oglądania tego filmu „mieszane uczucia” (od uznania dla kunsztu filmowego, przez zażenowanie wulgarnością pewnych scen, po duszny niepokój aksjologiczno–metafizyczny) zareagował prawidłowo, zdradzając typowe objawy zatrucia informacyjnego oraz chaosu pojęć i wartości - pisze dr Piotr Balcerowski

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Wolniewicz and Christianity

"The attitude of Bogusław Wolniewicz (1927–2017) to Christianity was shaped by a long life process, starting from baptism. From the 1940s, a faith crisis took place however: in Wolniewicz's soul faith derrived form home, collided with the data of the intellect and with the new Marxist faith - wrties dr hab Paweł Okołowski

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Totalitarian temptations in Europe

I believe we can somehow change the system, we can somehow reform it if we diagnose the problems and influences. Certainly, the system that we live in has become very constraining. There are fewer and fewer things you can do, there are fewer and fewer things that you can say, or that you can publish - says prof. Ryszard Legutko

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John Paul II. With full force against homosexual propaganda

We must consistently stress that John Paul II was not only a saintly man, but also an indefatigable defender of the family! He did not yield to the circles that would like to force the Church to accept various deviations...-writes Krystian Kratiuk

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Jesus Christ in the eyes of Jews and Judaism

You seem to think that the hard subject which has been announced in the title is supposed to be raised by a follower of Judaism. A presentation of Jesus Christ’s image would be apposite to the extent that it would express, after all, this person’s identity and viewpoint - writes ks.prof. Waldemar Chrostowski

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Also, no one planned that the "Solidarity" revolution would last nine long years, from the signing of the Gdańsk Accords on August 31, 1980, to the agreement reached on June 4, 1989, at the Roundtable. As it turns out the Poles outright rejection...- writes Czesław Bielecki

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80th anniversary of Katyń massacre & 10th of Smoleńsk air crash

Katyn is a symbol of the criminal policy of the Soviet system against the Polish nation. The present study aims to demonstrate the basic facts of Katyn massacre – the execution of almost 22,000 people...

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